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Phone that Can Heal Cracked Screen In the Works

If you've ever cracked your phone screen, this is a must read!

August 17, 2017

Using a phone with a broken or cracked screen is a huge pain. Sometimes the phone can still somewhat function after it's dropped, but things, like texting and using social media, can be difficult. 

You can take it to your cell phone provider to get fixed, but that's not cheap. And even if you pay for the monthly insurance plan on your phone you will still need to pay the deductible before it's replaced. It's just a huge ordeal. 

I am thankful that I have never cracked the screen on any of my phones, Knock on wood, right? 

Motorola is working on a new screen technology that would make cracking your phone screen, not such a big deal. The company was granted the patent yesterday for a self-healing phone screen. You can see in the illustration below how it would work. 

There will be a repair button on the phone and when pressed, a user taps the area of the screen that is broken, and the repair process begins. The heat applied to the spot that is broken makes the special polymer material work to fix the screen. 

Wow! This seriously sounds amazing. I know quite a few people that need to get a phone with this feature when they are available.