Phone Free Getaways the Latest Vacation Trend

Could you leave your phone behind?

July 31, 2018

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But if it isn't on Instagram or Facebook it never really happened, right? That's the way it seems with all of the details people are sharing about their lives with the World on social media. People can't even eat a meal or go work out at the gym without posting some photo evidence. 

That's why I'm a bit skeptical about this new vacation trend. Could you go on a phone free getaway? The New York Post reports that these vacations sell out within minutes of going on sale because the demand is so high.

I think we can all use a bit of a digital detox, but an entire vacation without access to your phone, email, the internet, and social media seems like a lot to handle.

A newly launched travel company called Off the Grid organizes these trips that promise to be 100-percent "screen free." 

Their typical phone free vacations are 10-days in lenght. And don't worry, you'll still be able to capture photos of your trip using a disposable camera that is provided when you arrive. Their website describes traveler's experiences as: "When you go without the internet for 10 days, you'll return with a clean slate to re-prioritize your digital life. You can bring back the digital habits you want to and leave the rest behind. You can take part in the world around you without worrying about the Wifi password. You'll be happier, you'll feel healthier, and your brain will thank you."

But wait, do they actually take your phone away from you? According to their website's facts section, no they do not. "Your phone is yours in case you absolutely need it. When you arrive, we'll give you a special pouch to slip your phone into for safekeeping. Think of it like a cozy phone sleeping bag for an extended phone hibernation."

They have some pretty amazing upcoming trips to locations like Prague, Peru, Mexico, and Spain. 

It's definitely nice to put your phone away and be more present in life, but I don't know that I could be without my phone for ten whole days!