Phones Banned at Royal Wedding & 5 Rules for Guests

The guidelines for guests are very strict!

May 17, 2018

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I cannot believe the Royal Wedding is almost here. It's less than 48 hours away! 

It seems like just yesterday that news came out that Prince Harry asked Meghan Markle to marry him with a ring he designed that included diamonds from his mother, Princess Diana's ring. 

People all over the World have a fascination with the Royal Family, but this Royal Wedding is even more exciting for Americans because Meghan is an American actress! The couple has been planning their big day since their engagement was announced in late November. 

The ceremony will happen Saturday at Windsor Castle with about 600 or so people in attendance inside the venue and another 2,640 members of the public that will have access to the grounds. These people all demonstrated strong leadership in their communities and are being honored for their dedication.

Those inside the venue will have some strict rules to follow. One of the biggest ones is that they will have to turn their cell phones in to security before they can be admitted to the chapel. You can't blame them because you know someone would snap some photos and try and sell them. Or they could just post them online as exclusives and that would not be cool at all. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton also had a no cell phone policy at their wedding in 2011. 

Eyes from all over the World will be watching this weekend's Royal Wedding and as you can imagine security will be super tight. You can read all about their security measures here

Besides the cell phone ban, there are some other rules guests will have to follow. Guests were issued a 7-page instruction guide on how they must conduct themselves on Saturday! Meghan has her own set of rules she must follow too.

Here are some rules for Royal Wedding Guests:

1. Holding the pinky up while drinking tea is considered rude.

2. There's a strict dresscode includes tights and hats for the daytime ceremony and floor-length dresses that cover the shoulders for the evening reception.

3. Drinking tea with the tea bag still in the cup is not acceptable. Also, be mindful of your pinky finger because holding it up while drinking tea is considered rude. 

4. All guests must sit properly with their knees and ankles together at all times. 

5. Open-toed shoes are not permitted!

I would love to get my hands on this seven-page instruction guide. There are a lot of rules to follow, but it would be worth it to witness history happen.