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Photographer Shames Woman For Having A C-Section

February 28, 2017

There are some pretty judgy and crappy people in this World. The latest jerk who has now become a viral sensation is a birth photographer who shames a woman who was going to gave a c-section instead of regular childbirth. 

One woman was preparing for the birth of her child and was looking to hire a birth photographer. All was fine until the mother let the photographer know she was having a c-section and not going through the natural birth process. 

The exchange between the mother and photographer has gone viral. I just can't believe someone who runs a business would act this way.

Shame, shame on this jerk! Sometimes people have c-sections because going through vaginal birth could put their life or the baby's life at risk. And while I have never had a bay, I have many friends that have. I know that the recovery after a c-section is no walk in the park and it's definitely not the easy way out. 

Here's hoping this judgy moron photographer never gets a stitch of business again!