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Pics Leak Of Starbucks 2017 Holiday Cups

Will this year's design offend people?

October 18, 2017

You know Christmas and the Holiday season is getting closer when people start talking about the Starbucks Holiday Cups. If you remember, people were not pleased with the design in 2015. The cup was just red and many felt that it was promoting the "war on Christmas". 

Last time I checked, red was a color associated with Christmas. Also, Starbucks is a world-wide brand. Not everyone in the World celebrates Christmas. Some people were so offended by the plain red cups, that they were demandind a boycot on the coffee giant. Seems a bit crazy to me. Last year, the cups were a bit more festive, but there wasn't a Christmas tree on any of them and of course, some people were butt hurt. 

The cups for this year have allegedly been leaked online by someone within Starbucks. 

I do look forward to the change over to the Holiday cup every year around November 1st. The cups, even if they're plain red like in 2015, make me happy and symbolizes the beginning of the Holiday season.