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Pizza Loving Brides Can Now Get Pizza Bouquets


June 6, 2018

I remember going to weddings back when I was a child. They were so stuffy and formal. And honestly, not a whole lot of fun! 

But weddings now have evolved to be these fantastic events with incredible food, desserts, drinks, and even activities for guests. I can't imagine serving pizza at a wedding back in the 80's. What was so wrong with having pizza at a wedding? Who doesn't love pizza? 

There's some excellent news for all the pizza-loving brides and grooms out there. Now not only is it cool to serve pizza at your wedding reception, but you can also walk down the aisle with it too. 

Remember the pizza place that created the Pizza Bikini last year? Well, they've designed a pizza bouquet and boutonnieres for couples. 

My big concern with this option is grease and red sauce. Can you imagine staining your dress before you even say "I do"? On the other hand though, many couples are so busy on their wedding day that they don't get to sit down to eat. This boutquet can double as a snack for the bride should she need to eat. 

Would you ever consider carrying a pizza bouquet? It is beautiful to look at and probably smells good too!