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Planning a Trip? Today's the Day to Buy Plane Tickets

If you want to save big, you need to buy today!

August 24, 2017

I cannot believe Summer is practically over. As of next week, all the kids in the area will be back to school. And that means the holiday season will be here before you know it. If you're planning a trip home to see the family and want to fly, you'll want to get your tickets today!

Did you know today is the cheapest day of the entire year to buy plane tickets? Well, you know now! 

Today is known as "cheap flight day, " and it's the perfect chance to buy tickets to your holiday destination or somewhere you've always wanted to visit and not break the bank. 

How much could you be saving if you buy tickets today? Tickets after August 23rd start to go down by 11-20%!

The reason ticket prices drop is because we are starting to get into off-peak travel season with Summer ending and the kids heading back to school. Just keep in mind dates and destinations will play a big part in how much fares may be discounted. 

Are you heading anywhere for the holidays? Or are you just looking to save and book a little getaway?