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Plastic Jellys Shoes Making a Comeback

May 30, 2017

You can chalk this fashion and style comeback as another one that I just don't understand. 

Remember Jellys or Jelly shoes from the 80's? They were clear or colorful. Some were flats or slide on's. Others were sparkly. 

I mean they were so cool, but so bad for so many reasons. 

First of all, they offered zero support. Talk about having some sore feet after wearing them for the day. Oh and filthy feet on top of it too. All those little holes in the jelly design were perfect places for dirt and other nastiness to get on the feet. And, the material was so shotty they often times broke or ended up having giants rocks stuck in the bottoms. 

Well, Jellys are making a comeback because apparently, people want to make more trips to the foot doctor in 2017! Some things need to stay in the 80's and these shoes are one of them!