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Popular Emojis Also Have X-rated Meanings too

February 10, 2017

Do you love to use emojis when you text someone? I bet you didn't know some of the more popular ones have a double, naughty meaning?

I knew that the eggplant emoji could be used to represent a man's body part. But I did not know that the mailbox with the flag up and a letter inside emoji was a symbol for sex. I mean who comes up with these things?

And there's more. Emojis like the circus tent, the microphone with music notes, and the clinking beer glasses all have meanings you'd probably never guess in a million years. Find out other hidden meanings here!

I guess to air on the side of caution I will just stick to my smiley face emojis!

My favorite emojis are the poop emoji and the cat with the heart eyes. I guess the second one if you really wanted to stretch it could have a double meaning. 

Can we just go back to having normal telephone calls like we did before cell phones and texting?