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Pregnant Beyonce Set To Perform At the GRAMMYs

February 3, 2017

Watch out social media because a Queen Bey storm will be hitting hard next Sunday at the GRAMMY Awards. Beyonce just announced on Wednesday that she and husband Jay-Z were expecting twins. The photo that she shared on her Instagram account showing off her pretty large baby bump was a record breaker and now has the most likes of any IG photo in history. 

The GRAMMYs are still over a week away, but I think Beyonce just stole the show from other performers like Adele, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, John Legend, and more. Now that her baby news is out, all eyes will be on her and that bump.


The consensus seems to think that Beyonce will perform at the Grammys on the 12th because she won't be able to perform later this year at the Coachella Music Festival because she will be way too pregnant. Now that we know her and Jay are expecting, I think it's safe to assume she won't be performing "Lemonade". All those divorce rumors that have gone around for years will probably stop for the time being too!