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Principal's Legging Comment Goes Viral

Students felt size shamed by her comments.

August 25, 2017

The new school year has begun for many students and the first day of school hasn't gone so well for some South Carolina high school students.

The debate whether leggings can be worn as pants has gone on forever. Some people feel they are fine as long as they are not see through. Others believe that leggings can be worn only if your butt and crotch are covered by a longer shirt or sweater. 

But a Principal is adding a new leggings rule. Stratford High School Principal, Heather Taylor, was speaking to students about dress code during an assembly when she made a comment that many felt fat shamed or size shamed students. Her comments were recorded and you can hear them below. 

Talk about a foot in mouth moment! Eek! Did she not think before she spoke? 

Parents and students are taking to the school's facebook page to share their disgust. 

Some people even feel that Heather Taylor should resign or be fired from her position.

The principal has since released a statement to smooth things over with students. You can read it here