Professional Cuddler Charges How Much An Hour?

December 27, 2017

© Puhhha | Dreamstime

Cuddling is nice if it's with the right person or someone you are into. But if you aren't feeling a person, cuddling can just be gross. Sometimes we find ourselves in relationships but still need to cuddle. That's where a professional cuddler comes in. 

For me, I find cuddling can be even more intimate than sex sometimes. So the idea of calling some random person to come and spoon me just seems so wrong and gross. Besides, if you need to cuddle I am sure there are people down for that on dating sites, and it won't cost you $80 an hour.

I am fascinated by this Texas woman's job and horrified at the same time.

Plus this pillow made for women when they are pregnant can give you that same cuddled feeling for a lot less money.

Now excuse me while I go order one!