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Put An End To Twitter TV Show Spoilers

March 30, 2017

Social media is great because it helps us keep in touch with family and friends that live far, far away with little to no effort. But with the good comes the bad. One thing that drives a lot of people crazy is all the TV and movie spoilers people post on social media. 

It must suck to live on the West Coast where you see prime time TV shows three hours after the people in the East. But even if you live here and see shows at the normal time, life and work can prevent us from tuning in live, and we must resort to watching it on the DVR. 

If you are sick and tired of having TV shows spoiled by people live tweeting or just commenting in general about how a show ends, you are in luck. There's a new mute feature on Twitter. This new feature lets the user mute certain keywords, hashtags, or phrases from showing up in your feed. And what's even better? You can control how long those items will be muted. 

Hey Facebook, you need to jump on this feature too!