Is R. Kelly Holding Young Women Hostage?

What a bizarre story!

July 19, 2017

Singer/R&B star R. Kelly is finding himself in the news again. 

Before we get into why he's in the news now, let's take a jog down memory lane. If you take a look at his Wikipedia page, it lists three different legal issues he's been in over the last twenty or so years. 

Apparently, R. Kelly married Aaliyah when she was just 15-years-old in 1994. Yeah, that's a bit creepy for sure. He was back in the news again in 2002 for a sex tape and again in later that year for photos in his home showing that he had inappropriate relations with an underage girl. Yucko!

And now today's news is reporting that he may be some sort of a cult leader. Say What? Buzzfeed was the first source to report that Kelly had up to 6 women held in his homes in Atlanta and Detroit. It was alleged that he controlled every aspect of their lives including when they could bathe, eat, and even go to the bathroom. 

Kelly, of course, denied the allegations and TMZ had the exclusive. And one of the women being "held" spoke out that she isn't being held against her will like her parents reported to the news. 

You catch the woman's claims and get the latest on this possible cult drama here

All I'm going to say about R. Kelly is that his reputation hasn't been the best with the underage girls.