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The Real Reason People Can't Sleep Well

March 21, 2017

Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? Or maybe your issue is actually sleeping through the night? Both of these could be caused by the way in which we are using our beds. 

Back in the day, beds were made just for sleeping. People had to work the land and tend to the animals. They didn't have time or TV to watch from the comforts of their beds. 

In 2017, people are using their beds for a lot more than sleep and sex. I know for me, my bed is where I do school work and work work. Every single night like clockwork, I have my Macbook Pro in the bed with me. It's even gotten so bad, that my laptop has its own side of the bed with my remotes. I'm also guilty of eating in bed because I am a freak. 

I guess I just love my bed, blanket, and pillows so much that my bed is where I spend the lion share of my time when I am home. 

So what are experts suggesting to kick our sleep routine back into order? First, we need to stop doing work in the bed. It's not our home office, it's a place to sleep and make love. Also, we need to turn off all of our digital devices and TVs because they are just screwing up our ability to fall asleep because of the light they give off! 

Wait, you want me to turn off my phone? Hmmmm, I will try!