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The Real Reason You're on Facebook So Much

July 20, 2017

Why are you on facebook? The social media giant just announced that there are over 2 billion monthly users to the site. I almost judge someone as being weird if they don't at least have a page set up. My 85-year-old grandmother has an account that she doesn't use all that much, but still. 

But what is the real draw we all have to Facebook? It's not what you think. Sure, it's great to reconnect with old friends and be able to see photos of your friend's wedding that you couldn't attend. And all those adorable baby bump pictures your sorority sister posts through out her pregnancy are awesome. 

The real reason we cannot seem to get enough facebook? We love to judge others. 

According to a new study, we love to silently watch others and judge them. Social media allows us to be voyeurs and watch people without them really knowing we are doing it. In fact, the study also found that we tend to look more at the pages of people that annoy us or that we don't like because we want to judge them even more.

I guess deep down inside we all just Judgey McJudger Pants.