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The Reason This Charlotte Flight was Evacuated Stinks

July 17, 2017

This year has been one full of travel nightmares. From poor customer service to drunk passengers to fights mid-flight. 

Another travel story is making its way around the internet and has gone viral. This time it has nothing to do with a passenger being dragged off a plane or someone drinking one too many airplane bottles of liquor. 

The plane traveled from Charlotte to Raleigh and once it was on the ground it had to be evacuated. Multiple passengers were experiencing extreme nausea and getting sick. News of the flight evacuation went viral because the said cause was one passenger's extreme gas. Apparently, the plane didn't have a mechanical issue, but one passenger's digestive system clearly did. 

An American Airlines official added: “We did take an aircraft out of service for a mechanical issue, an odor in the cabin...No ‘passed gas’ issue.” You can get the full story from the Charlotte Observer here

Was it bad gas or wasn't it? It seems as if there are some conflicting stories.