Florence: Red Cross Opens 5 Shelters At CMS High Schools Today

September 12, 2018

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Hurricane Florence is set to slam the coast of the Carolinas and many people living in the East are being forced to evacuate because of potentially deadly storm surge and extremely heavy rainfall. 

In preparation of the storm, 50 shelters have been set up across North Carolina. Five of these shelters are here in Mecklenburg County within CMS High Schools. 

The shelters will be located at:

East Mecklenburg HS
South Mecklenburg HS
North Mecklenburg HS
Olympic HS
Audrey Kell HS

We are still waiting on any word from CMS if they plan to close school tomorrow or Friday. Students have an early dismissal today, but that was something that was already planned and has nothing to do with Florence. 

If you are looking to help those impacted by the storm, you can do so through the Red Cross.