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Red Wine Can Help You Get Pregnant?

Cheers to that!

October 30, 2017

Conception is quite a miracle. Everything has to be just right for it to happen. It seems like some people have no issue getting pregnant, but others struggle to make this dream come true. 

A new study may have just the thing to help with conception and it involves drinking red wine! Of course, this concept is completely opposite from what doctors may have told you in the past. If you're trying to get pregnant, the best option was to abstain from drinking alcohol. 

Drinking 5 glasses of red wine a month has shown in research to help with conception. Why is red wine able to help this miracle happen? Researches have found that the red wine helps with ovary health and may help you produce more eggs. And you know how it works. The more eggs available, the better the chance to conceive. 

If you're like me and in the 35-39-year-old age bracket we have a 15-20 percent chance of conceiving in a month with a 78% chance of conceiving within a year. But once you hit 35, that's when things get a bit more difficult. This is typically the magic age when women's egg count starts to decrease. 

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