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Reflections on My 1st Psychic Reading

October 23, 2017

Ever just have one of those great weekends where most of what you did was totally spontaneous? That was my weekend!

Friday I went Uptown for dinner and drinks outside on a patio with a special friend to celebrate. It was such a nice night and it was perfect. Saturday I ended up meeting my friend in Plaza Midwood to putz around Buffalo Exchange before getting some lunch. Since it was so nice, we decided to walk from one part of the neighborhood to the next. After lunch, we stopped in a cupcake place and I saw a flyer for a psychic fair. 

I have always wanted to have a psychic reading and right now seemed like the best time because there are some changes going on in my personal life. 

Photo by Heather Furr/WLNK

That's me and Meridith, the psychic I chose to tell me about some of my traits and things that she sees for me in the future. She used some pretty basic information like birthday, closest time of birth, and birth city to come up with this circle like thing on her computer that would give her insight into my inner workings. 

I was blown away immediately by the information she knew about me like the fact that I love to try and fix people. I tend to put in all the work for a relationship or do all the work for someone while they stand by idle. I'm a helper, but ultimately that's not good for me because I want someone who will put in equal effort and wants to share everything with me. 

She also mentioned my need for romance and someone who was thoughtful about the things they said and did for me. Again, ding sing! She was so right. 

On my chart, she noticed that my career sector was one that was very dominant and important to me. I would be work with someone as equally passionate about their career too.

I would have loved to spend more time with Meredith to learn more about other things she could see for me. She did suggest after a big break up of a significant relationship doing a chord-cutting ritual. It will help me ultimately heal, move on, and be healthier. So I think in a few weeks, I am going to go see her again to do one of these rituals. Maybe it doesn't really work or maybe it does. But it may just be what I need to feel completely free.