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Retailer Trying To Sell Clear Jeans?!

April 25, 2017

Every few weeks I write a new story about some ridiculous fashion or beauty trends. And there have been some crazy ones lately.

It was just yesterday that I posted about all these people doing something called barbed wire eyebrows.

What in the hell are people thinking? Again, I think there's a bunch of people in the fashion and beauty industry see what crazy thing they can make all the sheep do because it's trendy.

Two weeks ago, it was the bare butt jeans that one company was creating with Levi's. And this week... 

Clear jeans... how in the hell would you make jeans clear? Well, you obviously can't use denim. Check out these clear jeans that are currently being sold by Top Shop below.

Why? They are literally like a rain coat for your legs. They probably make you sweat like crazy and after a few hours I'd imagine that you'd smell pretty bad. And what kind of noise do they make when you move? I don't see polyurethane being very breathable. Yuck.