Ryan Lochte Could be Heading to Prison in Brazil

Remember the Summer Olympics debacle in 2016?

June 29, 2018

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Ryan Lochte found himself in quit a situation during the Summer Olympics in Brazil in 2016! Remember when he and a few of his fellow TEAM USA members were allegedly held at gunpoint in Rio? After some investigating, officials in Rio determined that Lochte had lied about the incident. This event resulting in him losing many of his endorsements and a suspension from the swim team for a period of ten months. Now almost two years later, Lochte could face time in prison in Brazil.

This week Brazil's Superior Court gave prosecutors the go ahead to persue criminal charges against Lochte for falsely reporting a crime. Lochte likely was breathing a sigh of relief because last year the case was dismissed. But alas, they have not forgotten and they want to see him face some consequences. 

“It’s important because it’s a crime,” the state prosecutor Rodrigo de Almeida Maia said. “In this specific case, there is also the narrative of a false crime during the Olympics, which stained Brazil’s image.”

If he's convicted Lochte could spend up to six months in a Brazil prison.