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Scary Halloween Display Making People Call 9-1-1

Is this another case of people overreacting?

September 22, 2017

Halloween is right around the corner. You may already see some houses decked out with giant spiders, fake tombstones, and zombies, but I get you've never seen a Halloween display like this one from Tennessee. 

Now we're not talking the Clark Griswald of Halloween and having way too many decorations. This display in Greene County, TN is very simple. It's not full of bright flashing lights or scary sounds. 

Just see the display below and I think you'll understand why so many people are upset. 

It looks so real that people are flooding the county 9-1-1 system with calls thinking that it's an actual body. I find it interesting that the facebook post from police says to "congradulate the owner on a great display." Is it really a great display? If I were driving down the road and saw this I may crash my car. So that's why I don't think it's a good display! Personally, I think it's a bit sick.