Science Explains Why Chip Bags Are Never Full

Why are we getting ripped off?

July 19, 2018

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It never fails! No matter what bag of chips you buy, brand or size, the bag is always about half full! It's annoying to open up your favorite chips and realize there's only half the crunchy goodness you expected. 

Why does this happen all the time? Science finally has the answer for us!

A new study from Kitchen Cabinet Kings examined different chip brand bags to see which ones contained more than others. Why is there so much air in chip bags? 

Well, that's the first issue we need to address because even though it seems like it's just air taking up half of the bag, it's actually something that help preserve the chips flavor. This nitrogen preserves the taste, prevents staleness, and also protects the chips from getting smashed up. 

I guess now, this makes me less angry that I am getting only half a bag of chips. 

That video explains things even more. As for what chip flavors and brands have the most chips in the bag, Kitchen Cabinet Kings have that figured out for you! See their infographic here

And speaking of chips, did you see all of the flavors Lays is realeasing for their Tastes of America campaign

The flavor that will be in stores here in the Southeast is Pimento cheese, which I will definitely try. But I also want to try the friend pickle and ranch chips too. They are only available in the Midwest! Booo! The regional flavors will be in stores on July 30th. 

If you want to sample all 8 flavors Lobster Roll, Crab Spice, Cajun Spice ,Pimento Cheese, Fried Pickles with Ranch, Deep Dish Pizza, Thai Sweet Chili, and Chili con Queso you can order them online here