Science Says Put Down That Extra Glass of Wine

But can't some alcohol be good for you?

April 16, 2018

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These scientific studies about alcohol and its long-term effects on our lives are straight up confusing. Yes, many studies have shown that drinking alcohol can help you live longer, but there's a certain number of drinks that one should not exceed on a weekly basis to get the positive health effects. 

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, so it's no surprise that we are getting new data on drinking alcohol and how it could take time off our lives if we are overindulging. Did you know Alcoholism is the third lifestyle-related cause of death in the US? So what's the line of a safe amount to drink and going overboard and perhaps having a problem with drinking?

According to research, people who consume more than five units of alcohol per week will shorten their lives by up to 30 minutes per unit over the recommended five. What is a unit of alcohol exactly?

The lastest study about alcohol consumption and taking time off of your life was published in The Lancet Journal. “The paper estimates a 40-year-old drinking four units a day above the guidelines has roughly two years lower life expectancy,” said David Spiegelhalter, a risk expert at Britain’s University of Cambridge who was not involved in the study.

So what's the safe number of drinks? About five glasses of wine per week. If you're drinking more than this, you are shortening your life and putting yourself at risk for stroke, heart disease, blood pressure issues, fatal aortic aneurysms. If you or someone you know seems to be having a hard time controlling their drinking, help is available.