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See 1st Trailer For Live Action "Little Mermaid" Here

March 10, 2017

The Little Mermaid is by far one of my all time favorite Disney Movies. I had a stuffed Sebastian when I was eighteen-years-old that I slept with until I thirty. Don't judge me!

Also, the soundtrack for the movie is just so fun to sing along to because it's so happy. My favorite song from the movie is below and I am totally signing it as I type out this story!

Well, Disney is all about remaking their classic Disney Movies into live action movies. They are about the release Beauty and The Beast live-action movie next week and people are freaking out over it.

And now The Little Mermaid is coming too. Today, the first trailer for the movie was released and I am beyond excited to see it! Even though the movie is not affiliated with Disney.

The movie will be out sometime later this year. If I were a betting woman, I'm going to guess this one will hit theaters right around the Holidays.