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See First Pics From The Dirty Dancing Remake

April 7, 2017

Hi, my name is Kelly, and I am OBSESSED with the 1980's classic movie Dirty Dancing. I have seen it too many times to count. If it were to come on TV tonight, I'd probably get sucked back in and watch it again. I've seen the live stage show two times when it first came out around the release of the movie. I also saw the stage show when it came to town last year. 

In case you missed it, ABC is making a remake of the classic film, and it's set to debut in May. It's no shocker that I have mixed emotions about it and how it can ever measure up to the original. We will be hearing and seeing a lot more about Dirty Dancing as it's going to turn 30 years old this August. 

The trailer for the remake which airs on ABC on May 24th isn't out yet. But today we are getting the first glimpse of the remake.

casually dancing around a fireplace, as one does. #sneakpeek #dirtydancing may24th @abcnetwork

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I just don't feel the magic in that photo that we all experienced between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in the original. 

AND just casually dippin' around a fireplace. As one also does. #sneakpeek #dirtydancing

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I will definitely tune in and may even having a girl's viewing party at my place, but I don't have high hopes. Some movies just shouldn't be remade and I think Dirty Dancing is one of them!

On a side note, did you know there were quite a few deleted scenes from the original 1987 movie? I think we all can figure out why the one below was left on the cutting room floor. 

And if you are a superfan like me, you may want to look into making your way to the mountains of North Carolina this Summer to celebrate the movies the 30th Anniversary. Portions of the original movie were filmed at Lake Lure, and for the past seven years, they've hosted a huge Dirty Dancing Festival. This year will be the one you won't want to miss. Who wants to go with me for a girl's weekend away?