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Showing Off Hip Bones A New Fashion Trend?

April 26, 2017

Thigh gap, ab crack, thighbrows... those were just some of the crazy body trends people were obsessed with being able to achieve over the last few years. The big issue is that most people with a normal body won't ever be able to have an ab crack or thigh gap! 

There's a new trend that a lot of A-listers in Hollywood seem to be moving towards and it's one that a lot of people can't do. It's wearing dresses with super high slits in them that go above your hip so you can show off your hip bone. Not everyone has a visable hip bone so you can see where this new trend can be dangerous for some who will go to any length to look like a Kardshian. 

Also, some of the dresses have sheer areas over the hip bone area so they can be seen. The Today Show even talked about this hip bone trend. Here's hoping that this one goes away fast.