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Signs Your Coworkers Don't Like You

Are any of these things happening to you?

May 10, 2018

We spend the majority of our time interacting with our co-workers. I just heard a statistic today on the news that more than half of Americans hate their jobs. Eek! Seriously, that's a sad stat. Sometimes getting up early and going into work can be a challenge. I'd venture to guess that if you hate your job, getting out the door and on your way is even harder. 

It could be the job that we don't like, or maybe you work with some pretty crappy people. That can make for a miserable work environment. 

And maybe your issue is that you don't feel like you fit into your work environment and that people don't include you or pay attention to you. So what are a few signs that your co-workers don't like you?

1. You walk into a room where people are talking, and suddenly everyone stops. Hmmm, chances are they may have been talking about you or don't want to invite you into the conversation.

2. They don't smile or seem positive in your presence. Body language is a huge indicator of how someone feels about you.

3. They talk down to you: I had a manager like this many years ago, and it was the worst. He would speak to me like I was some idiot that just started doing radio. It was the worst. 

This can make for a miserable working experience! Is it really you? Or is it them just being petty?