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This Simple Trick Will Make Your Sleep Better

March 16, 2017

I may have just hit up the coffee maker at work for my fourth cup of coffee because I am super tired. I slept like complete garbage last night and that happens a lot, unfortunately. 

I know there are things I can do to make going to sleep easier like turning off the TV, not looking at my phone, and laying in silence, but sometimes all of those don't even work for me. I even take over the counter sleep meds like Unisom and melatonin to try and make myself fall asleep and sleep through the entire night. The sleep struggle is REAL!

Apparently, there's now something else I need to try to help me get a better night sleep. Do you make your bed every single day? I sure as heck don't. In fact, my bed looks like a hot mess with the blanket and sheets half off the bed. 

A study done by the National Sleep Foundation found that people who made their beds actually got a better night's sleep compared to us lazy folk! And if you want an even better night's rest you need to wash your sheets more. I 100% agree with that. There's nothing like crawling into a bed with fresh, crisp sheets. 

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