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Siri Hack Makes Snooping So Much Easier

February 23, 2017

Crazy is about to get kicked up about 15 notches! This little tech hack is just going to cause a lot more drama for people in relationships that like to snoop. 

I have snooped in the past, but it was because the trust was broken in the relationship and in order for me to continue with him, I needed to have full access to his phone and bank account. Take it from me, it's no way to live. Who the hell wants to play Warden to your significant other? Not this girl!

It is of my opinion that if you think someone is cheating or doing something wrong, you're probably right. Our gut instinct rarely lets us down. But if you are still curious and want to go snooping a Siri Hack on Apple's iPhone may make it easier than ever. 

The issue with someone that may be doing something they shouldn't is they most likely have a passcode or use the thumb print scanner to keep their phone locked down. 

So I tested this little trick and sure enough, you can get some information without having to actually use the passcode to get into the phone. You just need to know what questions to ask Siri. Questions like who do I call the most? Who are my last text messages from? Oh, and she will tell you and also read said text messages out loud. 

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