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Skip the Selfie Stick! The Selfie Drone Is Here

April 13, 2017

People are obsessed with taking the perfect selfie. The lighting and angle need to be just right. And sometimes it can be a bit challenging if you have short arms like me. Sure, you can use one of those annoying selfie sticks. But there's something even better to help you snap the perfect pic. 

Drones can help us get some amazing ariel shots and even action video footage. But now there's also a drone that can help us step up our selfie game. 

It's being called the "selfie drone" and it's sold excluseively through Apple's online retail store. 

Its real name is the Hover Camera Passport Drone, and it's being called "your own personal photographer." It does sound pretty amazing. Check out the explanation from Apple's website: "Once in the air, Hover Camera Passport automatically finds and follows you (its owner), while recording your everyday life from a completely new angle. It’s all possible thanks to advanced artificial intelligence facial recognition algorithms."

Ok, I know you're curious about what this amazing drone costs. It's going to set you back $499.95! But just imagine all the likes you'll get on Instagram and Facebook when you share your neat flawless selfies.