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Skittles Mother's Day Commercial Is Disturbing

May 9, 2017

I do love Skittles. I love Tropical Skittles even more. They are just the perfect poppable candy for a road trip or a Friday night movie date. But I am not loving Skittles new Mother's Day commercial.

The day devoted to celebrating all that mom has done for you is coming up on Sunday. Hopefully, by this point, you've made your brunch reservations, ordered some flowers, or figured out what you are going to do. One thing I'd suggest not doing for her special day is having her watch this creepy as all get out Skittles commercial. 

Seriously, what were their marketing and advertising people thinking with this one? 

Are you completely grossed out and disturbed by that because I am!! On a side note, I feel like quite a few of my ex-boyfriends could play the role of the son in that commercial. I dated way too many Mamma's Boys that couldn't cut the cord! Bye, boy, bye!