Could Sleeping More Than 8 Hours Shorten Your Life?

Thats what a new study has found!

December 5, 2018

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We all know that sleep is so important for our overall health and our mental health as well. I have been having a rough time sleeping through the night for the last few weeks and I have been very unplesant. I know I am super moody and unfocused because of my lack of sleep. 

But when it comes to sleep, there is such thing as getting too much and that can be very bad for you. 

Accoring to a new study done by Keele University, people who sleep more than eight hours per night have a higher risk of early death and cardiovascular disease. I feel like not too long ago there was another study that said some people require about nine hours of sleep depending on their age. 

The research also found that people who slept 10 hours per night had a higher risk of early death! The study also revealed a 56 per cent increased risk of stroke mortality and a 49 per cent increased risk of cardiovascular mortality for those who slept for more than eight hours.

On the flip side though, if you are sleep deprived and not getting enough quality sleep, that too could put your health and life at risk.