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'SNL' Covers Matt Lauer & Sexual Harassment In Skits

December 4, 2017

The last two months or so have been full of news reports of allegations about actors, directors, news anchors, politicians, and other powerful people sexually harassing or assaulting people in the workplace. It's almost become the norm for another high ranking person to be taken down by the creepy things they did in the past or present each week. Last week it was NBC's Today Show veteran anchor, Matt Lauer. While the news came as shocking, many people felt he had been acting inappropriately for years during interviews with celebrities and with comments made to his show cohosts. 

NBC's Saturday Night Live took on the Matt Lauer news in a segment during the Weekend Update. 

"We just have to announce this week's batch of predators like the Powerball numbers." I mean it's gotten to be that bad. And the ladies of SNL took on sexual harassment in the workplace by channeling Katy Perry for a music video called "Welcome to Hell". 

Here's hoping all of the accusations and news will bring about a big change in 2018. Meanwhile, we still have 27 days left in the year. Who will be the next big name taken down by gross behavior?