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'SNL's' Sexual Harassment Skit Sends Perfect Message

November 13, 2017

Sexual harassment and assault are never funny, so it's an iffy subject for a show like Saturday Night Live to cover without coming off as being insensitive to victims. But over the last few weeks, we have seen many big names in Hollywood taken down from their high horse after multiple people spoke out against them and their alleged behavior.

Every day it seems like more and more people are coming forward to tell their story of someone already outed or they are outing someone else on their inappropriate behavior. 

This weekend Saturday Night Live decided to include a bit about it during their Weekend Update feature. Cecily Strong plays the part of Claire from HR and as you can imagine she's been busy lately. 

Half the population experiences some form of harassment in the workplace at one point or another? Wow, is that a real figure? Remember, there are many types of harassment and it's not just sexual harassment. 

I have a feeling many companies will be stepping up their harassment training game in 2018 after all of these allegations have come out against people in Hollywood.