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Social Media Can Be Bad for Our Mental Health

October 25, 2017

It's hard to escape from social media because pretty much everyone and every brand is on it. And if you're not on it, some people find it odd. 

Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. all can be significant resources to get news out and share life updates with family and friends that live far away. But there's a downside to all of our social media use. 

Personally, it's part of my job to be on social media. But when I was in a not so great relationship I felt myself using Instagram and Facebook to escape my crappy situation. It's kind of like why so many people watch reality TV. It provides an escape from reality. The problem with both is that they don't accurately depict reality. These TV shows and the posts we see online about people we know are just a small snapshot of their lives. It's like the highlight reel for a movie. It shows the best and not the worst aspects. 

A new study has come out that just further proves how bad social media can be for our mental health. We spend an average of 50-minutes per day on social media. 

Browsing social media, clicking on a link, posting a status, or simply liking something had up to an 8-percent decrease in our mental health. 

Here's some advice from someone who used to spend all of my time on social media. Stop watching the lives of others and actively participate in the World around you. You never know what greatness you may find. Also, stop comparing yourself and life to what other's post. Again, it's just a snapshot of their life. We choose to share what we post and most of us wouldn't post negative stuff or bad photos. 

I've shared this video every year since it came out because it accurately represents what we don't see on the other side of the screen.

It's very eye-opening every time I watch it.