Spooky friends posing for selfie

Thanks to Social Media, We're Spending More on Halloween

You need to have that perfect pic!

October 7, 2019

Social media makes us do some crazy things. You know those viral challenges that have people using a cup to suction their lips to make them look bigger. That was insane. But social media is also influencing us to spend more money. 

There have been multiple studies done that have shown that many people will spend more and even break their budget to have the items they see other people with on platforms like Instagram and facebook. Forget about keeping up with the Jones', people want to keep up with the social media influencers. Some people even buy items, snap a picture with them, and return them to the store. They are doing it all for the likes on the Gram. 

Halloween is another time when people spend more because they want to have the perfect picture to share on their page. 

According to a new report from CompareCards by LendingTree, 48% of millennials admit to purchasing Halloweeen items just to be able to include them in their social media posts. 

Halloween is growing in poularity too. Have you seen all of the Halloween advent calendars and Halloween trees in stores?

When it comes to spending the most on a holiday, 31% of Millennials shelled out the most cash for Halloween decorations, costumes, and other props. If you are feeling the pressure to messure up to other people this Halloween and you don't want to spend a lot, you can always make your own costume. Another way to save is buying a costume second hand from a consignment or thrift shop.