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Something Doesn't Belong: Babies, Breweries, and Bars

June 14, 2017

Over the last month or so I started to notice a trend around Charlotte. More and more parents seem to be bringing their babies and young children to local bars and breweries. 

A few weeks ago I was at one brewery and saw what looked like an almost newborn baby hanging out in their car seat while their parents drank the local beer offerings. Surely, it had to be a fluke, right? Not so much. I returned to the same brewery two more times and encountered babies in car seats or strollers there with their parents. So maybe it was just that breweries tap room? 

Again, nope! I have been to two other local Charlotte breweries and saw babies and toddlers tagging along with their parents. 

I will say that the times that I have seen babies in the breweries, it was always very early in the evening and sometimes even right after work and on a weekday. It's not like is was 10 pm on a Friday night when these spots are slam packed, but it still seemed odd to me. 

And on Monday evening I saw two young kids at a bar with their parents. They were being horrible and were climbing all over these rocks and into the fire pits that were on the deck. I don't have kids, so I don't understand how hard it is for parents to have their time doing what they like. But should babies and kids be at bars and breweries?

If I wanted to hang out with kids I would have gone to IHOP or somewhere like that. Remember earlier this Spring there was the restaurant in Mooresville that banned all children under five from their establishment? You'd think that bars and breweries would be a child-free zone.  

I've learned, thanks to Charlotte Agenda, that the baby-brewery scene in Charlotte seems to be a growing thing. In today's Agenda they even rank the best breweries to bring babies and kids. Some of these breweries even have kids food menus and kids activities! 

I get it, parents want to drink craft beer too. I am fine with bringing babies and kids provided there's alloted time for these places to be kid free. Again, I don't have kids so I don't want to go out and deal with someone else's children. But I think a lot of parents want to be 100% kid free on their nights out and not have to see other people's kids too!