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South Carolina Ranked One of the Unhealthiest States

And North Carolina's ranking isn't all that better!

December 13, 2017

The end of the year marks the time when all of the best and worst lists come out. You can find lists of celebrity breakups, songs, fashion trends, and even the health of the state you live in. When it comes to North and South Carolina how do you think these states did on the healthiest and unhealthiest states in the US list

I moved to Charlotte just over eight years ago. The first thing I noticed was how car-dependent people were here. People in the office I worked in would drive to lunch even if the restaurant was just three blocks away and the weather was nice. As someone who moved from the NYC area, I didn't get it. I loved walking through the city and exploring neighborhoods. Over the years though Charlotte neighborhoods have become much more walkable. Just think back to South End in 2009. There wasn't even a grocery store in that area. Now with all the apartments going up along South Blvd. there are restaurants, shops, and services that are an easy walk away. 

Even though Charlotte is becoming more active with the layout of the upgraded neighborhoods, North Carolina is still not doing so well when it comes to the Healthiest States list for 2017. Every year the United Health Foundation crunches data on obesity, poverty, and even air pollution to figure out which states are healthy and which ones need improvement. North Carolina came in at 33. 

South Carolina, on the other hand, stands out because it's one of the 10 unhealthiest states for 2017! Experts explain that SC is on the list because of "a fairly high infectious disease rate and at the same time has low teen vaccination rates." 

But what I found most interesting on the list is that 9 out of the 10 states that were the most unhealthy were in the South. Mississippi is ranked the worst on the list because they are the most physically inactive state. Louisiana ranked 49th because of the rate of obesity. 

Does it all come down to the amazing Southern cuisine like fried chicken, sweat tea, and macaroni and cheese? According to one study, the food choices in the South are connected directly to a person's poverty level. Many of the foods that are bad for you are the ones that are cheapest in the stores. 

Something needs to change and fast, that's for sure. Look at all of the dark blue in the South Eastern part of our country.