Spending Less Time on Facebook Makes Us Happier

February 4, 2019

© Sanja1977 | Dreamstime.com

How much time do you spend per week on facebook? In my defense, I do spend a fair amount of time on facebook but it's primarily because I do it for work here at the radio station. I do scroll through my timeline throughout the weekdays looking for things to share on the station's Facebook page or inspire me to write about that day. 

When I go home though, I rarely go on Facebook because I have made a conscious effort to be more present in my life. 

If you spend a lot of time on the social media APP and need a reason to take a step back, I have it for you! According to new research, all the time people are spending on Facebook is really taking a toll on their mental heath. The study found that most users would need to be paid $1-2,000 to take some real time away from the platform. 

The benefits on quitting or cutting back on Facebook can be seen almost immediately. People are happier once they get away from the book. They also spend more time having face-to-face conversations and interactions. 

What else comes from leaving or using Facebook less? An extra hour of downtime per day on average and less stress. 

Do you need any more reasons to take a step back because I sure don't. 

You can read more about the study below.