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Squiggly Brows, the Latest Eyebrow Trend?

Another day and another bizarre beauty trend!

August 30, 2017

Eyebrows are so important anymore. They frame the face and can change the way you look. 

A few years ago, the trend was to pluck your brows and make them super thin. Thankfully that isn't in anymore. In fact, natural thicker brows are what most people are aiming for. Unfortunately, if you spent years plucking your brows, it could be challenging to achieve this look without using eye brow pencils or going for a more permanent option of microblading. 


I thought about having my brows microbladed because I struggle to grow out the ends of my brows. I decided it was a good idea when I was eighteen to pierce my eyebrow. It fell out a few months later, so I pierced the other brow. #Hindsight

Maybe it's a good thing that I haven't made a more permanent decision with my brows because there's a new trend that may change the way we shape our brows.

It's called the squiggle or wiggle brow, and it's ridiculous!

Um... no! Please! This look is so weird and I cannot get behind it. Plus, our brows cannot grow in that shape so it will have to be mostly drawn on and we all know how that looks. Here's a natural squiggle brow. The person clearly uses some product to shape her brow.

But some people also suspect that photo above was created with Photoshop because there's no way your brows could do that trick. 

Hopefully this is just some joke that a few beauty bloggers are playing on all of us and this trend never takes off!