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Stephen King's 'Pet Cemetery' Remake Coming

December 11, 2017

Stephen King's It remake made a killing this year. It was named the highest grossing horror film of all time earlier this Fall after it made big money at the box office. 

It is one of those movies that I just could never get through because clowns scare the heck out of me. I think I finally was able to watch the movie in its entirety a few years ago, but it was still super scary to me. I have not seen the It Remake because the trailer alone made me freak out.

Stephen King has quite a few movies I just cannot watch because they terrify me. Another one on my list of movies that freak me out is Pet Cemetery. And now that movie is getting a remake too. 

Even watching that trailer all these years later makes me feel some sort of way. Eek! Paramount just announced that they will be releasing the remake on April 19. 2019. I wonder why they aren't trying to release it around Halloween like they did the It remake?

Considering that I haven't been able to get through that movie in my near 39 years on this Earth, I don't think I'll be going to see that remake either. I wonder how many more Stephen King movies or books will be remade or turned into movies after the success if It this Fall.