Stop Wearing Flip Flops NOW

June 15, 2018

© Ivonne Wierink | Dreamstime

I think Bob Lacey would appreciate this blog! In case you didn't know, he hates flip-flops and thinks they're gross. But a lot of people love flip flops! In fact, these simple shoes if you can call them that have an entire day devoted to celebrating them and it's today!

I think they can be gross if they are old and dirty or if you have some busted ass feet. But according to science, flip flops are just something we should eliminate from our shoe collection!

Flip flops just are perfect for warm weather months. They easily slip on and off and are waterproof. They are just the ideal shoe to wear to the pool or beach. But if you're someone who's living in flip-flops and doing a lot of walking in them, you need to pay close attention!

First of all, having your foot so exposed is a risk all in its own. You can stub your toe, drop something on your foot, and get a bad sunburn. Dr.Christina Long of the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in North Carolina warns flip flop aficionados that these simple summer shoes can do a lot more damage than you think. 

The shoe doesn't offer arch or foot support. This puts the wearer at risk of getting plantar fasciitis. I had that last Summer from wearing non-supportive sandals and it felt like I was walking on rocks on the ball of my foot. Ouch. 

Again, if you're wearing them just to run down to the beach or pool, you should be fine. It's the long term wear that has the risks that can cause permanent damage