Who Do You Snap More Pics of Your Dog or Spouse?

December 28, 2018

© Fabio Formaggio | Dreamstime

The love and bond we have with our pets seem stronger than ever. Many studies have been done that just further prove that sometimes we tend to care for and love our pets more than our signifigant other, partners, and even spouse. Ouch.

The amount of cash we spend on our pets for Christmas continues to rise every single year. In fact, a few years ago it was found that people are spending more money on their pets gifts than on gifts for their partner. 75% of pet owners buy their pet a Christmas Gift and 66% of those owners spend more on their pet then their spouse or partner. 

And now a new study further proves that we seem to care more about our dogs than out spouse. Grab your cell phone and take a look at your camera roll. Do you have more photos of your men or woman or your dog? If you are seeing more photos of your dog, you aren't alone. 

65% of dog owners admit to taking more photos of their dogs than their spouse. I get it! Dogs are adorable and they tend to get a lot of likes on social media. But this study doesn't end with just photos. 50% of the people polled also admitted they have a harder time leaving their canine friend for a week for vacation than their lover! Eek! 

Oh and one last stat that proves we may love our dogs the most... 56% of people said they say hello to their dogs before anyone else in the house when coming home. Now this could be because the dog is greeting them at the door.