Business woman napping at desk.

Take A Nap at Work! Science Says It's Good For You!

Need an excuse to take a quick power nap?

September 10, 2019

Remember when you were a young child and you hated having to take a nap? Well, naps are fantastic as an adult, and they can actually help you stay heart healthy according to a new study

3,500 Swiss adults ages 35 to 75 took part in the study that looked at their napping habits, nighttime sleep, demographics and lifestyle information. Each person's overall health was then assessed. 

The research found that people who took one or two daytime naps per week had a lower risk of cardiovascular issues than non-nappers. But more naps does not directly connect to better heart health. 

If you aren't getting the recommended 7-hours of sleep per night, a short nap can be the answer. It can protect you from a vareity of health issues and can also help you be more prductive and less stressed out at work. 

So if you're looking to take a nap today for the sake of your heart health,  20-MINUTE nap is what experts suggest. You can read more about the study below.