Study Finds Our Lives Peaked During Childhood?

What age did people feel they lived their best lives?

June 22, 2018

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Being an adult is hard. But I remember when I was a younger child or a teen, I felt like being an adult would be the greatest thing ever. I could do what I wanted when I wanted because I'd be my own boss. 

Alas, adulting is hard! We have bills to pay, jobs to work, kids to chase around, and all kinds of responsibilities we never anticipated as a child. 

According to a new study, 67% of adults feel like their lives hit their peak during childhood. More specifically, these adults felt like their lives were the best when they were 9-years-old. 

Why was life so great back at age 9? They listed these things as the top 5 reasons. 

1) School holidays

2) Hot summers

3) Playing outside with friends until the streetlights came on

4) Not having to work

5) Spending time with your parents

I can't believe nap time didn't make the top five. I used to despise taking naps, but man I wish they were a workday requirement now.