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Summer Movie Ticket Sales Hit All Time Low

August 31, 2017

Did you see any of the BIG Summer movies? If you skipped a trip to the theater this Summer, you're not alone. 

The number of tickets sold in the United States and Canada this summer is projected to fall to the lowest level in a quarter-century. I wonder why sales are down? Could it ticket prices being so high? Or maybe the selection of movies this Summer wasn't so hot? 

Now major theater chains are feeling the heat because their stock is at an all time low. 

The number of actual tickets sold paints a bleaker picture, with total admissions likely to clock in at about 425 million, the lowest level since 1992, according to industry estimates.

I'm just here trying to think of the BIG movies that came out this Summer and I am drawing a blank. Perhaps that's the problem. The movies that came out weren't worth spending $20 for two tickets plus whatever you'd spend on the concession stand.