Taco Bell Testing New Healthy Shell Option

April 7, 2017

You probably don't think of Taco Bell when you think of trying to eat healthily, but it's actually one of the healthier fast food options out there. Over the last year or so, the fast food chain has worked closely with a corporate dietician to tweak the menu to offer customers better options. 

Earlier this year social media nearly exploded when the restaurant announced that they'd be offering a friend chicken taco shell on a few of its menu items. 

People raved about how amazing it was, but sadly Taco Bell discontinued it last month. Perhaps it will live on like the McDonald's McRib and make a come back once per year? One can hope. 

Well, Taco Bell has moved on from the fried chicken shell and they are now testing another non-traditional shell for some of its breakfast items. 

Can I just tell you how awesome this is? As someone who doesn't really eat too many carbs and tries to consume as much protein as possible, this will be the perfect breakfast on the run for me. It's currently being tested in Michigan only, but there's really no reason it shouldn't become a mainstream staple at all location nationwide in the very near future. 

They've also added a few new menu items too. See them here.