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Taylor Swift Makes Statement After Groping Trial Ends

August 16, 2017

Taylor Swift came out victorious in a defamation case a former radio DJ filed against her last Friday and again Monday when she won her side of the case. #TeamTaylor

A Denver morning radio DJ, David Mueller, was at a meet and greet with Tay in June of 2013. Mueller and Swift posed for a photo together and that's when Mueller allegedly grabbed her bare butt. The DJ, of course, denies it. But the incident resulted in him getting fired from his job and not being able to find employment since this case became so public. Mueller was suing Taylor for $3 million for defamation of character. After two or three days of witness testimony which included Taylor's side of the story, the Judge threw out the case. 

And Taylor counter sued Mueller for just $1 to prove that her actions had nothing to do with him losing his job. Monday the jury ruled in her favor and Mueller will be forced to pay her $1 in damages. You'd think this guy would just quietly disappear now, but nope. He's trying to extend his 15-seconds of fame by claiming Taylor on sued him "for publicity."

Dude, Taylor Swift doesn't need publicity from some washed up radio DJ, she's Taylor freakin' Swift.

Taylor broke her social media silence to issue a statement yesterday. 

It's clear why Taylor did what she did. What Mueller did to her was not right. So many women and more than you probably even realize have been victims of sexual assault or harrassment. And too many keep quiet out of fear. 

I once experienced some of the worst harassment and unwanted touching ever. But I never reported it. I was drunk at the time so I assumed the guy would use that against me. I also knew I was playing on the playground with more men than women and I'd probably lose my job for opening my mouth. How sad, right?